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E3 Ground Electrode Designs

Spark Plug Ground Electrode Location

Ground electrodes come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Standard spark plugs typically feature a traditional ground electrode. E3 spark plugs feature their DiamondFIRE electrode design.


Standard Spark Plug Ground Electrode

E3 Single Prong PlugE3 Diamond Fire Double Prong Illustration E3 Diamond Fire 3 Prong Illustration

E3 has taken multiple spark plug design features, such as cut back ground electrodes, sharp edges and surface gaps, and combined them to create a new ground electrode design.

Surface gap plugs present the flame kernel to the piston (or rotor) more directly, reducing the travel time from the spark to the combustion gases.  Cut back ground electrodes decrease the obstruction of the flame kernel to the air/fuel mixture, preventing quenching.

E3's DiamondFIRE design features an open section at the top of the ground electrode, combining the benefits of additional sharp electrode edges with a cut-back electrode design. The increase of available edge-to-edge surface area encourages a more rapid spark discharge while also reducing quenching and shadowing.